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About Me: About Me

Meditation teacher and 


If you have to choose between being right or being kind. Choose kindness every time. 

If you asked anyone close to me they will tell you I'm a family man through and through. I'm always making sure to spend lots of time being present with my partner Kathryn and two young children. As a meditation teacher, I have a daily meditation practice. Some days this looks like just sitting and witnessing my thoughts for 15 minutes. While other days you'd see me listening to a 10-20 minute guided meditation using mostly the insight timer app where you can find my teacher profile at 


I've started several businesses. Some were failures that I learned from and others were super successful. Creating, building, and having fun with businesses is a passion of mine.


However, since December 2018, I've been on a daily mission to be the best version of myself in every moment as a husband, as a father, as a friend, and as ME. The foundation for this pursuit is my daily mediation practice. As a strong type 7 on the enneagram, I feel the need to share this experience with the world, and one way to do that was by starting a podcast in 2019 called "Mindful Impact with Justin Francisco" 


My initial reason for creating the podcast was to have better conversations and share the impact of meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness practices. That has since transformed into speaking with experts on how to connect deeper with ourselves, our children, and our significant other. I believe if you can focus on harmonizing the relationships in your home then everything else in life will fall in place a bit easier and more peacefully.  

In early 2020 I became a certified meditation teacher which led me on a journey to create "21 Days: Tapping into Your Parental Superpowers mediation/lessons course". You can find more info on that here. 

If you asked me what the purpose of life is...I would say to work on becoming more self-observant each day. If we can pause to witness our thoughts more often, if we can bring awareness to our actions, to our words, if we can get curious about how narrow our perspectives truly more self-observant...then we can be better, kinder, more loving, more compassionate for ourselves and for others. 

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