Old Me:

  • Follower

  • Constantly Frantic

  • Bought fancy stuff to impress other people

  • Two emotions: Happy and Anger

  • Careless with my finances

  • Drank often

  • Didn't put my wife number one above anything else.

  • Values out of wack

  • Felt empty often and couldn't figure out why.

  • Massive ego that needed to be fed often. 

  • Hardly present, always thinking about my next move.

Current Me:

None of the above. Mindfully, consistently working on being kinder, more compassionate. Having many more present moments as often as possible. Consistent daily routines that have created more time and abundance in my life. This includes meditation, scheduling, reading, journaling and much more... Learning and working on having the best possible relationship with my wife, being the best father I can try and be. I have a new focus and energy to impact as many lives as I can with my message.

This is my current journey and it's full of life's normal ups and downs. This has created a whole new awareness that I want to keep sharing with as many people as possible. Even if just one person is impacted in some way :)  



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